Question & Answer Session On:
The Genetics Of The Mark Of The Beast
And Repentance Prayer!!

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You are invited to a Zoom session, which is a follow-up, to the Zoom meetings that were conducted on the topic: THE GENETICS OF THE MARK OF THE BEAST. Here you will have the opportunity to ask questions from all that was shared on this topic – and join in a time of ministry to help and guide people to be set free from the side effects in spirit, soul, and body from the gene therapy injections.

Date: Thursday Jan 19, 2023
8:00 PM (Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Perth time)
11:00PM Melbourne time
2PM: Zimbabwe and South Africa time.
12:00PM: United Kingdom

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Meeting ID: 956 9238 7519

This session is ONLY for those who have attended the zoom sessions on The Genetics Of The Mark Of The Beast !!

Only questions that are related to this topic will be discussed!!

Note: This Is A Christian Event!

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