The Genetics Of The Mark Of The Beast!!

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Guideline Repentance Prayer
To Deal With The Effects Of Vaccines

The Guideline Repentance Prayer which assists you to address the specific parts of the spirit, soul and body that are affected by vaccines (both past and present)
Click on this link: Faith Prayer of Repentance_Vaccines


More About The Topic

Revelations 18 v 23 warned that in the end times, pharmaceutical deceptions would be employed to deceive the nations of the world.

This message is to awaken and alert the body of Christ about the “gene therapy” in the jabs that were rolled out on the pretext of the recent pandemic:

These 2 speakers will share solid evidence of much of the contents of the jabs – showing how they indeed have manipulated and changed the DNA… and how these specific manipulations tie in with the book of Revelations and several warnings in the Bible.

This information is invaluable to keep you educated, informed and equipped for the serious times ahead – and is no less than life-saving, both physically as well as spiritually for eternity. Time is almost running out – we are in the last seconds of grace where we have the opportunity to repent – and in this meeting we share insight into how to overcome and prevent the effects in spirit, soul and body from the jabs before it is too late.

The speakers will show how what is taking place world-wide today, ties in with Satan’s plan to remove the image and name of God from creation – and replace it with his name, his image and his mark, and the number of his name…. and ultimately cause mankind to receive his DNA… pre-programming the world population in spirit, soul and body right down to the level of their DNA to receive the final mark of the Anti-Christ beast in Revelations 13 v 16 – 18.

Slides By Dr. MK Stydom And The Other Speaker In The Video: “The Genetics of the Mark of the Beast”

Songs By Lou Huck

Freely available at the YouTube channel:

Songs By Lize Hadassah Wiid

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Below Are The Links & Videos To The Information
Presented In Both Zoom Meetings
on 07/01/2023 and 15/01/2023

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