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Revelation of the Book of Revelation

An Online Free Video Series By Dr. MK Strydom Explaining The Meaning of the Book of Revelation

A video teaching series explaining the meaning of the Book of Revelation – not based on any man’s opinion – but using Scripture to interpret Scripture… to bring the meaning of the Bible to life – so we can see its relevance to significant recent and soon coming world events, and all that is currently unfolding on the world stage.

The book of Revelation in the Bible has always been a very difficult book to understand – but NOW is the time that it’s vitally important for us to understand it – because the prophesies contained in it, that were written thousands of years ago – are now unfolding before our very eyes with pin point accuracy!

In these prophesies – God (Yahweh/YHVH) reveals:

  1. Exactly what is going to happen in the very near future and why, as the world is being catapulted into the end times.
  2. What His beautiful and magnificent plan is in all that will take place, for those who walk closely with Him, in an intimate love relationship with Him – that will bring you great excitement, encouragement and hope – strengthening you to face the tough times ahead with a fearless faith.
  3. And He shares vitally important warnings – and also specific instructions in the midst of those warnings for His people – so we can be in the right place at the right time, be prepared for the time ahead in all the practical ways we need to be, and so that we can be educated, well informed and equipped with life saving wisdom – in order not to fall into the enemy’s traps – because these are days of great deception!

For example, in Revelations 18 v 23 the Bible warned that pharmaceutical deceptions would be employed to deceive the nations of the entire earth – which we began to see take place from 2020 on the pretext of the so called recent “pandemic”.

Abba Father (God/Yahweh) called Dr. MK Strydom in Eagles’ Wings into medicine in order to use her background of medical training, in ministry, to benefit the body of Christ because in the end times – the medical field will be used to advance the plans of the enemy to usher in the New World Order of the Anti-Christ (a One World Government, One World Religion i.e. the worship of Satan/Lucifer and a One World Economy/Mark of the Beast (Revelations 13).

And therefore, this is one of the reasons Abba Father has given Dr. MK Strydom and Tammy Van Rensburg who co-founded Eagles Wings (which is a medical ministry), a mandate and responsibility to share the Truth from the book of Revelations – with as many who are willing to listen.

So be invited to receive literally life saving understanding on this topic and many other very significant recent and soon coming world events before it’s too late…


Episode 1

Ongoing Events

The Bible from a Medical Perspective, Medicine from a Biblical Perspective

by Dr Michelle Strydom

The Genetics Of The Mark Of The Beast!!

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Proverbs 17
verse 22:

“A happy heart is good medicine and a cheerful mind works healing…”


My name is Marsha I have attended the Healing conferences in Worcester South Africa the past two years. I used some of the principles applicable to my situation and have to say that God’s word is true and brings healing. My first testimony is that of my daughter who had eczema badly at the age of one. I asked God what fear could this be? and that evening Dr Strydom taught about blessing and curses in your bloodline and right then I realized that my pregnancy before that was a miscarriage and I had that fear of another one. I immediately repented for allowing fear in my life and not trusting God and the next morning when my daughter woke up her skin was totally clear and up until today no sign of eczema. Glory to God.

My second testimony is that I nearly had a hysterectomy last year due to an enlarged uterus which caused heavy bleeding that evening. I went through the book to see what in my life has caused this and there it was my relationship with my mother. Things which I thought I had dealt with through previous inner healing sessions then I asked God what is there still for me to do regarding this matter in my life then the Holy Spirit showed me peace to make with the situation. Yes, I had forgiven and moved on but I had to make peace with the fact that she might never change and may never say sorry for anything but that I had to make peace with it. Well needless to say week after all this prayer and purification of my heart and peacemaking the doctor said I don’t need a hysterectomy but we need to do an ablution where they burn a part of your uterus.

With only these two testimonies I know what God did in my life and so I would like to assist others also in my family and community.

– Marsha Brown

My name is Elsie, I was at the conference in Kempton Park. I am now 46 years old, at the age of 16 I was diagnosed with Scheuermann disease, this caused my spine to miss form like a question mark and I was left with a small hump at the base of my neck. I am currently overweight and at one stage I went to a dr for help, and he actually told me that it migth be better if I do not lose too much weight as the hump will then be more prominent. I have always had stiffness in my neck and constant pain in the hump.

On Monday while Michelle was praying for healing, I felt this tingling feeling go through my whole body and up my neck. I felt paralysed for a couple of seconds and a burning sensation in my hump and all of a sudden it felt like the stiffness in my neck was gone, the pain was gone and the hump was gone. I only have the fat that was over the hump left. I Praise the Lord for the healing as I was not even thinking of it when we prayed. Thanks also to your whole team for what you are doing for the world.

– Elsie Myberg – Scheuermann disease

Since the seminar in early May 2011, I can testify that I have been healed of allergies which I have suffered for decades and chronic headaches which started when I was 14. I give all glory to God for the knowledge He has imparted to me through the Eagles Wings ministry – the liberty from these chronic conditions is AMAZING! Christine Mhlanga – healed of chronic anaemia.

– Laura Shreenan Harare – Allergies; Chronic Anaemia

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