Extracts from the Previous Revelation 12 Video

A Fascinating Hidden Message for the Jewish People of Israel from Abba Father for Their Supernatural Protection During the Great Tribulation

Video Series on the Coming New World Order of the Anti-Christ

This is the 5th final video that we have extracted from the main 9 hour teaching on the 7 Layers of Meaning and 7 Prophetic Fulfilments of Revelation chapter 12.

Have you ever wondered what Revelation 12 v 14 means when it speaks about carrying the woman on Eagles’ Wings, away from the presence of the serpent (satan and the Anti-Christ) in the end times? In this video, find out…


You Tube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0HV77iKb-Q

Rumble Link: https://rumble.com/v4njv6t-a-hidden-message-for-israel-in-rev-12-for-their-supernatural-protection-in-.html

There will be a righteous remnant of born again people from the House of Judah (the Jewish people of Israel), that will be a part of the Bride that goes up in the rapture. But unfortunately, the majority of the Jewish people of Israel will only come to the Revelation of Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah, at the time of the Abomination of Desolation, 10 days after the rapture has already taken place. At this time, they will “mourn the One they have pierced” as Zechariah 12 v 10 prophesies. At the same time, Abba Father’s judgement is hitting the earth in the events of the 6th seal – a massive asteroid hits the earth, causing an unprecedented massive global mega-earthquake – which then sets off 90% of the world’s volcanoes all at once on the ring of fire – which leads to a series of catastrophic destruction events represented by the first 4 trumpets of Revelation.

This climax in history where so many prophetic end time events are taking place all at once – is the “best worst” times for Israel… They are surrounded by their enemies (armies of millions of soldiers from Russia, China, The Arabic Islamic nations of Northern Africa, Egypt, Iran, Turkey and the Middle East as well as Europe) – and they experience the most magnificent rescue where YHVH deals with and annihilates these armies Himself (through the catastrophic events taking place in the 6th seal), ending with the profoundly powerful statement, “And the whole world will know that I AM God!”

This is the moment in time, that YHVH and Yeshua instructed the people of Israel in both the Old Testament and the New Testament to immediately flee (Mark 13 v 14 – 16; Matthew 24 v 16 – 18; Luke 21 v 20 – 22) – without delay – there is no time to pack or even go back into the house to grab a coat… but then where do they go to escape the persecution and danger of the Anti-Christ? Learn about Abba Father’s amazing plan…

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