Anonymous – Heart disease after second jab

“Please send this testimony to Michelle Strydom for encouragement: 

My friend, who was a nurse, got severe heart disease after the second jab, she was moved by Holy Spirit to pray the repentance prayer by Michelle Strydom in the ICU in the hospital. Once she did so, she was healed the next day and left the hospital. Praise the Lord!

Praise Abba, Yeshua and Holy Spirit for this miracle healing!”


In most of our regular zoom meetings where we teach on this topic: “The Genetics of the Mark of the Beast”, at the end we post the prayer of repentance by DR MK Strydom/lead the people through it, because it is very thorough. In the one meeting, there was a lady who was very apprehensive, saying, “I’ve taken the first two Chinese jabs…what do I do now?” We assured her not to be fearful, because at the end, we would lead her through the repentance prayer to gain deliverance from the effects of the jabs on her spirit, soul and body, which we did. One week later she came back to the next zoom meeting, and she was very excited, and asked to share her testimony. She said that after taking the 2 Chinese jabs, she could not pray in the Spirit (pray in tongues) – because each time she would attempt to pray in the Holy Spirit, her mind would be bombarded with negative words, including very vulgar words – and she could not control it at all. It got worse and became so terrible and such a fearful experience, that she stopped speaking in tongues altogether. After going through the repentance prayer, praying it before Abba Father with all her heart, she was so excited, because there was no longer any disturbances that came into her mind, when praying or praying in the Holy Spirit. She was so thankful and grateful for the prayer guide which helped set her free!”

Marsha Brown

My name is Marsha I have attended the Healing conferences in Worcester South Africa the past two years. I used some of the principles applicable to my situation and have to say that God’s word is true and brings healing. My first testimony is that of my daughter who had eczema badly at the age of one. I asked God what fear could this be? and that evening Dr Strydom taught about blessing and curses in your bloodline and right then I realized that my pregnancy before that was a miscarriage and I had that fear of another one. I immediately repented for allowing fear in my life and not trusting God and the next morning when my daughter woke up her skin was totally clear and up until today no sign of eczema. Glory to God.

My second testimony is that I nearly had a hysterectomy last year due to an enlarged uterus which caused heavy bleeding that evening. I went through the book to see what in my life has caused this and there it was my relationship with my mother. Things which I thought I had dealt with through previous inner healing sessions then I asked God what is there still for me to do regarding this matter in my life then the Holy Spirit showed me peace to make with the situation. Yes, I had forgiven and moved on but I had to make peace with the fact that she might never change and may never say sorry for anything but that I had to make peace with it. Well needless to say week after all this prayer and purification of my heart and peacemaking the doctor said I don’t need a hysterectomy but we need to do an ablution where they burn a part of your uterus.

With only these two testimonies I know what God did in my life and so I would like to assist others also in my family and community.

Elsie Myberg – Scheuermann disease

My name is Elsie, I was at the conference in Kempton Park. I am now 46 years old, at the age of 16 I was diagnosed with Scheuermann disease, this caused my spine to miss form like a question mark and I was left with a small hump at the base of my neck. I am currently overweight and at one stage I went to a dr for help, and he actually told me that it migth be better if I do not lose too much weight as the hump will then be more prominent. I have always had stiffness in my neck and constant pain in the hump.

On Monday while Michelle was praying for healing, I felt this tingling feeling go through my whole body and up my neck. I felt paralysed for a couple of seconds and a burning sensation in my hump and all of a sudden it felt like the stiffness in my neck was gone, the pain was gone and the hump was gone. I only have the fat that was over the hump left. I Praise the Lord for the healing as I was not even thinking of it when we prayed. Thanks also to your whole team for what you are doing for the world.

Wendy Conolly – Osteoporosis

Before I go further, I would just like to say that I have been totally confounded by God’s grace as regards my healing from osteoporosis. I have no idea why he chose to heal me and I still feel like the least worthy and most undeserving candidate for this miracle. I can only continue to praise and thank Him for His incredible gift to someone like me. By the same token, if He can do it for me, He can do it for absolutely anyone!

In November 2006, I was having a lot of pain in my lower back and was diagnosed with osteoporosis. I was told that the osteoporosis was incurable and the best that I could hope for was that it would be maintained at the level it was at and not get any worse. I was prescribed and took Forasmax for about three years after this.

In May last year, I was staying with my sister-in-law Sadie King, who told me all about her healing from terminal cancer with the help of Dr Michelle’s book and just knew that there was something special there for me. I couldn’t wait to get a set of Dr Michelle’s DVDs and a copy of my own book! In the meantime, I just kept thinking and pondering about my osteoporosis. I got a copy of the DVD’s in September and was absolutely gobsmacked at the contents. Thank you, Michelle, for sharing your amazing, God-given insight and wisdom with us all. We are really blessed to have you and Tammy around.

In December 2010, I went for an annual bone densitometry scan, but only collected the results at the end of January. On the 16th January, I had a very special time of prayer and intercession with the Lord and when I woke up the next morning, the first things that I read were these verses:

“You have lovingly delivered my soul from the pit of destruction, for YOU HAVE CAST ALL MY SINS BEHIND YOUR BACK” Isa. 38:17 and “Who is a God like You, Pardoning iniquity And passing over the transgression of the remnant of His heritage? He does not retain His anger forever, BECAUSE HE DELIGHTS IN MERCY. He will again have compassion on us and will subdue our iniquities. You will cast all our sins into the depths of the sea” Mic. 7:18-19 and “O Lord my God, I cried out to You, AND YOU HEALED ME. O Lord, You brought up my soul from the grave, You have kept me alive that I should not go down to the pit” Ps. 30:2-3. Again a couple of days later I read: “TAKE HEART, DAUGHTER,” He said, “YOUR FAITH HAS HEALED YOU.”

Confirmation: I went to Harare a few days later to see the specialist and get my results. Anna my dear friend went with me and on the way there, I said to her that I just wanted these results for a benchmark and that by next year (2012) when I went back again I was determined to be healed! Imagine my surprise when the specialist came rushing round his desk to shake my hand and tell me that the osteoporosis was gone. He was so excited and I was quite literally speechless! He then gave me a form to go for a bone density scan a year later and on it, he wrote “Osteoporosis in the past”!!

What a mighty God we serve!

Beryl Odendaal – Ovarian Cancer

I was ill for a long time, and because I feared the worst I put off going to the doctors. I eventually got so weak that I could hardly get out of my bed. I had no option but to seek medical advice.

My worst fears were realized when in March 2010 I was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer. It seemed as though my whole world had collapsed. Time just stood still as I tried to let it all sink in, the liver and kidneys were also affected it seemed the cancer was everywhere. I do know I kept telling myself that this disease was not going to get the better of me as I tried to come to terms with the shock and the reality of it all. I started to pray like I have never prayed before in my life, asking God to give me the strength and the faith to fight this.

I was admitted into hospital where I underwent an operation. There was a possibility that I would not come through the operation due to the weakened state of my body. Praise the Lord I came through and was told they had removed a tumour the size of a coconut from my one ovary and removed the other ovary as that was also affected. There was a larger tumour in the pelvis which they could not remove due to the location and other medical factors, had they attempted to do that I would have died on the operation table.

I now needed chemotherapy, six sessions but after the first chemo I reacted really badly and the effects of this almost killed me. I made up my mind I would not have any more chemo, but put my trust in the Lord for healing. Dr Michelle Strydom took me through a journey of Sanctification (cleansing) where I needed to repent for sin in my life. She taught me about a God of mercy, a God who did not give me cancer and a God of love who wanted to pour out His grace and heal me.

I started to go into God’s word (The Bible) meditating on scriptures about illness and disease. Repentance is a major factor to healing, and I asked God to forgive me for the sin in my life, un forgiveness, bitterness, fear, anger, and I asked the Holy Spirit to reveal any sin I could not think of at the time.

There started the most amazing change in me. I slowly regained my strength daily, where my family, were told I had only a short time to live. I got stronger and stronger to the amazement of friends and family. My walk with the Lord became so intimate I just needed to spend every minute of my day with Him, in His word and talking to Him constantly receiving His promises.

July 2010 1st ultra sound 11 cm tumour had shrunk to 4cm liver and kidneys etc. were clear, (this was now with no further medical treatment).

December 2010 2nd ultra sound 4cm tumour not picked up everything else clear.

March 2011 3rd ultra sound 4cm tumour was picked up this time but everything else still clear, so there was no change since July 2010.

I continue to be extremely well, and will continue to have check-ups as the Spirit leads me. I believe I have been healed of Cancer, Gallstones and High blood pressure.

All praise and Glory must go to the awesome God that we serve.

Beryl Odendaal
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Joy Staarop – Allergies

Michelle: ” This is Joy Straarop, a good family friend of mine. She attended a conference where I taught this material in a session where I taught about allergies. She had allergies and she was healed. She is here to share her story with us. Over to you, Joy. “

Joy: “I am just so grateful for my healing and I am so grateful for this teaching because it has really set me free. I suffered from allergies for many years and never really knew what the cause of allergies was. But as I listened to Michelle I realized that allergies start in the bone marrow where the white blood cells and red blood cells are formed. The white cells attack whatever is attacking the body and then there is something that tells the brain to tell the white cells to switch off. But when you suffer from severe fear, anxiety or stress then the white cells come out and try to bring balance into your body, they don’t switch off because the root cause has not been dealt with; and I just realized that I had been harbouring such deep hurt and the way it was brought to my notice was when Michelle said, “When I deal with a person who suffers from allergies I ask them the question “Who hurt you?”” And as soon as she said that it was if a light came on as I remembered the deep hurt and severe emotional pain I had suffered and it actually happened 14 yrs ago and I did not realize…. “

Michelle: “Just to interrupt you, did your allergies start soon after that incident? Have you been suffering from allergies for 14 yrs?”

Joy: ” Yes and I never knew what caused it but this hurt was so deep; the memory caused the tears to flow and as they flowed I realized that I had never dealt with this hurt. So I immediately started to pray “Lord I am so sorry I never forgave this person because I understand the power of forgiveness and I know that you cannot walk with any un forgiveness in your heart; but somehow I did not realise this hurt especially from another Christian needed to be forgiven. The only part that helped me was that Jesus was silent before His accusers, but I never went the whole way – Jesus went to the cross and said “Father forgive them for they don’t know what they do”. But I just stopped there where Jesus was silent before His accusers. But the pain never went away even though I had asked the Lord to. I had never released forgiveness and so just there I said “Lord I just release I forgive I let it go I don’t hold anything against them and just forgive me as I have held onto this without realizing it was so deeply hidden in me. Thank you for bringing it to the surface”. The first thing I noticed was that I had peace and I stopped coughing. In the first session I could not stop coughing and I was drinking water every 10 minutes.”

Michelle: “That is the first session of the teaching in the conference?”

Joy: “Yes, and people were passing me cough drops because they all felt sorry for me and the whole of the 2nd session after I had released and forgiven, I never coughed again.”

Michelle: “Tell us more about the systems you struggled with during those 14 years you had the allergies.”

Joy: ”Well I had dairy product allergies really. I was always coughing or sneezing, if I had butter or cheese or all of those lovely things such as chocolates and so forth.”

Michelle: ”And at night did you suffer from symptoms?”

Joy: ”Yes I always coughed before I went to bed, and I had these symptoms that seemed to get worse as the years went by. Eventually I did not even want to go to church, I said, what is the point? I was the only one coughing throughout the service. That’s how bad my allergies were and I just praise the Lord that the symptoms were dealt with, the issue was dealt with through forgiveness, and I was totally set free.”

Michelle: “So the minute you dealt with the broken heart the symptoms disappeared?”

Joy: ”That’s right. Yes the tears stopped flowing and I was at peace. The first thing that I did when I got home was that I told my friend who was staying with me that, “I think that I had been healed from allergies, have you noticed I have not coughed?” and she said “yes I did”. That afternoon at about 4 O clock we went for a long walk. When I had the x ray the day before…”

Michelle: “… the day before the teaching?”

Joy: “Yes, I discovered I had lost a third of my lungs and that was why I was so short of breath. I went for this walk and I walked for an hour and I was not short of breath and I came back feeling wonderful. Previously, I would take a few steps and I was so short of breath. Then I would stop and cough, get my breath back and then go a little further. I was amazed that when I came back I was feeling so wonderful. That night when I went to bed I expected the usual scenario of coughing for 20 -40minutes, where after I would fall asleep out of sheer exhaustion; but there was no mucus and I did not cough and I realized that I was healed. The next day I celebrated! I went out and bought ice cream and cheese and I came home and made myself a delicious toasted cheese sandwich just dripping with cheese.”

Michelle: “So you have been eating milk and cheese and chocolates ever since?”

Joy: ” Indeed ever since and I just want to give the Lord all the glory and praise because during that time when I was ill and so weak I was crying out to the Lord to dry up my mucus and I did not realize that it was because of holding onto that hurt.”

Michelle: “So for 14 yrs you had prayed Lord heal me and nothing happened till you dealt with the issue.”

Joy: “No I never really prayed for healing much. I thought it was just something that happened in life and I never thought that there was a cause of un forgiveness behind it.”

And I am very grateful to Michelle for all the time she has put into these messages she has given us in this teaching and I can truly say that I am a product of Healing Begins with Sanctification of the Heart.

Joy Staarop,
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Madelein Marcus – Allergies

October 2010 my mom introduced me to the long but interesting DVD series of Dr MK Strydom. As I watched, the topic of allergies and asthma came up so I paid special attention since I was one of those who suffered with both. In this teaching it is pointed out that the underlying cause to this illness is basically fear of abandonment and trying to live up to a perfectionists standards. So I thought back on my life as to when the asthma started. It was when I had to go to boarding school in grade 3 at Whitestone. My allergies and asthma would always only happen when I was away from home and only occasionally at home which incidentally was a dairy farm so should have been permanent. From the time I left school and lived in my home town, till I moved to Bulawayo with my husband and son, I never had a single attack. The allergies might have played up a few times but that was the extent of it. After we moved to Bulawayo, every time we went back to Gweru to visit my folks, my allergies would come back in full force. I would walk around with a loo roll and constantly had a pile of tissue at my side and my eyes also stayed red most of the time. I always thought it was just the Gweru weather and atmosphere. But then my allergies would also come on when my parents would come to visit us in Bulawayo and while I was in their presence. I never made the connection until I watched that DVD series in October. After I came to realize all this, I said the prayer that Michelle says after the allergies session and let it all go. I have been to Gweru numerous times now and not once have I had an attack of any sort relating to the fear of abandonment from my parents. After about the second time we went to Gweru. I told my mom that my allergies were gone and she asked how. Well I smiled and kindly told her it was because she abandoned me. She took it lightly as I had intended, we had a giggle and I told her the whole process. A month or so later I phoned her and as the call rang through I needed to sneeze. She picked up the phone on the other side as I was half way so I told her not to answer her phone so quick so she accused me of being allergic to her now over the phone as well. Lol.

It’s been about 10 months now since I prayed and God healed me and I am not totally cured of my allergies yet as I am still getting used to monitoring my thought life. Now and again I will suddenly have a runny nose and my eyes will start to itch, I will stop dead in my tracks and think about a kind of abandonment that I would fear in the present moment that I am in and the thoughts that were going through my mind at the time. I have come to realize also just how sensitive and delicate my thoughts are to my physical body. I have even had an allergy attack just from watching a TV program which was about weight gain. I always thought that I was fine with the way I looked but apparently I was not because I could not stop sneezing and my eyes were like open taps. So I decided to be brutally honest with myself and prayed about it and within five minutes all the symptoms were gone. All my symptoms attack me instantaneously and acutely but then they also leave me just as fast as soon as I pray. Praise the Lord. As soon as I pinpoint where my fears are come from, I pray about it, let it go and within about 2 minutes my symptoms die down. So the “fears” have not been conquered yet but I sure am working on it.

I have also realized that the allergies are caused by the fear of abandonment and the asthma (difficulty in breathing) is caused by trying to live up to someone else’s standards. Now I find it too awesome that I have this gauge that lets me know as soon as I am letting sin into my life.

I thank the Lord for giving Dr MK Strydom the perseverance and courage to study this and to preach it to the world.

Madelein Marcus
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Marietjie Oberholster – Various Hirtuism; Spondylosis; Scoliosis; Fibro Aadenoma

I thank the Lord for bringing Dr. Michelle Strydom and Tammy van Rensburg into my life. I went to see Michelle after the death of my husband for counselling. I realized if I did not deal with all the bitterness, anger and other baggage that I have been carrying around with me for many years it would destroy me. I spoke to Michelle and Tammy about a lot of things that first day, but as I was about to leave, I spoke to Michelle about a condition that affects the woman in my mom’s family. A condition, that has caused me, much distress, and embarrassment. The women in my mom’s family grow beards like men. Although my mom and grandmother went for hormone and other tests the doctors could not give a name to this condition or what causes it. The best answer they could come up with was that it was genetic and they will have to learn to live with it. I like my mom, grandmother and great grandmother used hot wax weekly to wax my face to rid myself of the “beard”. Something that I, was very self-conscious, about. Michelle immediately knew what I was talking about and told me that it was called ‘hirtuism’. She told me the root cause of the problem was wishing I was a boy. She led me in a prayer of repentance. The week after that I started noticing that the hair growth was becoming less. In the beginning I started waxing every two weeks, the hair growth continued getting less. Then I was waxing every third week but as the hair growth lessened and changed I started to clean my face of the odd stray hair with the twizzer. Although it was not really necessary I waxed for the first time in six weeks. I could easily have cleaned my face with tweezers of the few hard beard hairs that I had.

Since the age of nine, I have had Spondylosis which I was told was the result of a toxic thought pattern – self-hatred; self-rejection; self-accusation and/or self-bitterness. As well as Scoliosis, which is, caused by conflict and strife. Tammy spent a lot of time counselling me on myself hatred, rejection, and bitterness. Teaching me, who I am in Christ. She led me in a prayer of repentance and then prayed for a creative miracle for my spine. Some months later I realized that I had not suffered any backache in a long time. I asked a few friends to run their finger down my spine and everyone said that the “missing bit” in my spine was less noticeable. For many years it was as if I was missing two vertebrae. A recent x-ray and report did not show anything about these spinal conditions. To God I give all thanks, honour, and glory for this healing.

Since 2001, I have also had fibro adenoma. The doctors removed 5 “tumours” from my right breast. My fear was that this was the start of cancer but, lab results came back – no cancer. But within 6months I had developed two fibroadenoma in my right breast and one in my left breast. I decided not to have any further surgery. The tumours in my right breast measured 27 x 15mm and 23 x 11mm and the tumour in the left breast measured 17 x 9mm .In March 2011 there has been no change in size for 10 years. In July 2011, I noticed that I really had to search for these lumps that were easy to find and felt like smooth pebbles from a river bed. I became more and more convinced that God was healing me. I requested new scans and the scans were taken on 1/11/2011. The tumours had shrunk. The ones in my right breast now measure 15 x 13mm and 20 x 11mm and the one in my left breast measures 8mm. Since then I continually notice the lumps getting smaller. Thank You, Abba Father for this healing in my body.

In April 2011 I was diagnosed with a large fibroid of the uterus measuring 75 x 55mm. The scan I had on the 1/11/2011 showed that this now measured 50mm. I have taken no medication for this or any other medical condition. I now have no pain which makes me believe that the fibroid has gone.

I am going for another scan in April 2012 for both the fibro adenoma and the fibroids to confirm this.

All these medical conditions root lies in self-hatred, self-rejection, self-accusation, and self-bitterness, conflict and strife and I continue to work on renewing my mind in these areas. Michelle and Tammy led me in prayers of repentance. They have taught me about “Who I am in Christ” and told me to renew my mind daily. These healings came from God when I put my life right with Him.

Marietjie Oberholster
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Jenny Rich – Depression

Bridgie Deall asked me to let you have my testimony of healing as a result of attending your seminar at Greystone Park earlier this year and here it is. Thank you so much for the huge part you played in my story! I had been suffering from clinical depression for two and a half years and had, on numerous occasions, come very close to suicide. My doctor had prescribed medication which seemed to help for a while but eventually the medication helped less and less. In the meantime I had tried Christian Counsellors; had attended a course at the Christian Counselling Centre, and at the time of attending your seminar I was seeing a second psychiatrist who was counselling me and monitoring my medication.

I was so tired of being sick that I felt that I would try anything in the hope that something would help. A friend from church, Bridgie Deall, rang me one day and told me that she felt led to invite me to your seminar on healing. I immediately said that I would go and my husband agreed to go with me.

My initial reaction as I listened to what you had to say, was “Oh no, here we go again!” I had had enough of people wanting me to behave more normally and who seemed to have very little sympathy for me because I was not easy to be around and I felt that I had no more strength in me to try and do better in order to be healed. I already felt that I had ‘let the side down’ by being ill in the first place and now it seemed, according to the Scriptures you read and spoke about, you and God were also ‘ganging up on me’ for being a failure. At the tea break I told my husband that I did not want to stay and suggested that we go home instead of going back into the hall. However, Norman, my husband, said he was finding it fascinating and did not want to go home so I had no choice but to go back into the hall and continue listening to you.

Gradually as the seminar progressed, the Holy Spirit started convicting me about being so ready to try everything and anything to be healed and yet as soon as things started to get uncomfortable, I was ready to run. So I stayed and started to receive the truth and recognised myself as someone who was not a doer of God’s Word and therefore it was really no surprise that I was ill! I totally fit your description of a person suffering from clinical depression – full of self-hatred. My desire to kill myself stemmed from that self-hatred. Suddenly it all made sense! Once I understood and accepted that I was where I was because of disobedience, and as you spoke of the simplicity of the way back into God’s perfect will for my life, I could not wait to get home and be alone with God to put things right! I repented of not being a doer of the Word; of being angry with God for allowing this illness when all the time it was my disobedience that had eventually brought me to a place where the consequences of my sin led to the illness.

I began to forgive the people who had not been very kind to me during my illness as I knew that these folk were high on my ‘unforgiven’ list. But the most amazing thing happened – it was as if the floodgates opened and for days the Holy Spirit brought this person and that person to mind and I realised just how many people I needed to forgive – sometimes people who I had not seen for years and years came to mind and I forgave, and forgave!

God is so good! Once you take that small step towards Him, He just clears the way for so much more ground to be covered. Gradually the names and faces stopped coming to mind but I am still very conscious of how easily we hold grudges without realising how much harm it does to us. So I am trying to keep my Forgiveness Slate clean from now on.

I followed your advice and continued to see my psychiatrist who reduced my medication but most of the time I just forgot to take it – something I never did as I was too terrified of the consequences. I am due to see him next month for the last time, just to confirm that I am still doing so fantastically!

My depression is a thing of the past! I KNOW that I am healed and I thank God for this. God in His wonderful grace has brought me through this and today I am a positive person, able to take stress and pressure, aware of His hand in all things. My marriage to my husband which was not very good at all is now better than ever I could have imagined or hoped for. God has not just healed me, He has restored me and filled my cup to over-flowing! Michelle, thank you too for your courage in taking this teaching to the churches. I imagine that you are not always given an open door to teach in some churches as what you have to say is hugely radical and probably even seen as a threat to them but I want to encourage you to carry on despite any opposition for the sake of all the people out there who could be healed. His people are being destroyed through lack of knowledge.

With heartfelt gratitude and appreciation.

Jenny Rich
Harare, Zimbabwe

Laura Shreenan Harare – Allergies; Chronic Anaemia

Since the seminar in early May 2011, I can testify that I have been healed of allergies which I have suffered for decades and chronic headaches which started when I was 14. I give all glory to God for the knowledge He has imparted to me through the Eagles Wings ministry – the liberty from these chronic conditions is AMAZING!

Christine Mhlanga – healed of chronic anaemia.

Laura Shreenan
Harare, Zimbabwe

Bradley Herwood – Acute Sinusitis & Migraine Headaches

I suffered with acute sinusitis and migraine headaches for many years, waking in the morning with a thumper of a headache and sometimes right throughout the day. The only thing that would take the pain away would be two very strong pain tables and with that I would also take a sinus tablet with codeine. I was consuming about one hundred tablets and half that amount of the Sinus tablet a month, I was even chewing them to make them work faster. When I spoke to my GP about this, he said that the pain tablets actually induce headaches, and that I would have to go to a pain clinic if I wanted to get myself off this medication. Not long after hearing this from my GP, I met Sonja and Frans in the shopping mall and we started chatting, and they asked if I was interested in coming to the Healing course that they would be facilitating at Sweet Water’s Church. I said yes, I was very interested in Healing anyway, but did not know much about it, I soon found out from Dr Michelle Strydom’s DVD’s that the allergies that I was suffering was from unforgiveness in me. That night, after realizing that my unforgiveness was the cause of my allergies, I went home and prayed and asked God to forgive me and anyone I may have hurt, or had not forgiven.

God healed me instantly, up till now, I have not had sinusitis or taken any pain tables or sinus tablets, and I give the Lord God all the glory for this.

Bradley Herwood
Durban, South Africa

Leanne Watson – Back Pain

Hi Dr. Michelle

What a privilege and honour to be able to share my testimony of how God has healed me from debilitating back pain. I am sure many of you know how frustrating it is to have to do every day necessities with terrible back pain, not being able to bend this way and that way. Ordinary things are just a no no.

I have 3 boys, 15yr old, 14yr old, and a 3yr old. All the sport that I love to do with them was just challenging and I felt like I was older than I am and I actually got to a place where I just accepted that this is how it will always be, like a death warrant. Not being able to pick my little boy up and carry him around, or lift him up and put him into his own bed is something you really miss when you can’t do it. I would change his nappies and then call for my hubby to pick him up and put him back into his bed etc. I once thought, what am I going to be like when I am in my 50’s or even older?

One night at the healing conference, Dr Michelle spoke about back pain and how there is a ‘kundalini – python spirit’ that can live in your spine and that it comes from doing yoga, going up and down the spine. It was starting to ring a bell.

Some nights, lying in bed I could hardly sleep because I would get a restless feeling in my spine, it kind of went up and down my spine, and I would not be able to sleep. Really frustrating.

Wow! It was like a light went on. Just shortly after my baby was born, I was having a ‘bad day’. Just every day worries and feeling down, tired and searching for answers. I went to the gym to just relax and get rid of some frustrations, to clear my head. While I was there I noticed that a yoga class was about to begin and I thought, ‘well, I know it’s not really Christian but I won’t do all the funny stuff and I will just relax.’ So, I did the class. Throughout the class I ignored all the weird words and reasons for why they were doing what they were doing and in fact, I was praying in the Spirit while I was there. I did feel uncomfortable but didn’t want to make a scene and walk out, I was sure it was ok. I only went once.

I wondered if that one time doing yoga could have caused me to open myself up to this ‘kundalini -python spirit’. On my way home from that healing seminar, I just burst into tears and started to pray as I drove home. I asked God to forgive me for ever going to the yoga class and I rebuked and told the spirit to flee in the name of Jesus. I truly repented for what I had done. I was furious that I had allowed myself to be in the position of opening myself up to this thing. When I got home and parked the car, I climbed out the car and INSTANTLY I felt relief in my back. I started to bend and move, expecting pain, THERE WAS NOTHING! I believe in miracles but somewhere in everyone’s mind I am sure we seem to think that healing isn’t for us. It’s for everyone else. WELL, let me reassure you, God healed me COMPLETELY. Little ol’me. My baby was asleep on my bed when I got home and I picked him up and lay him in his own bed. I could not believe that there was no pain. None whatsoever. I still don’t have back pain and when I bend to do something now and I am pain free.

I am so grateful for what I learned at the Healing Conference and I am excited to share how we serve a LIVING GOD. Yes, He still heals. The same God, yesterday, today and forever. My heart is to see healings, physical healings before our eyes and I had started to lose faith. God showed me that night, that He is still on the throne and in the business of healing His children. My faith is renewed and I am free of back pain, forever and more so, I feel FREE to lift my hands, to run, to play, and to worship the King of Kings.

Yes, healing is for you!

Thank you Dr Michelle for your obedience and for your wonderful teaching you share with so many. Thank you Lord, my Saviour for healing me.

Be blessed.

Leanne Watson.
Ps. I wanted to add that my husband is a Christian too but was not open to coming to Dr Michelle’s Conference. The healing has been a wonderful testimony to him too. He has seen my struggle with back pain and now completely free and how God has healed me through the teaching. My hubby has asked me to share the teaching with him now. How wonderful is our God 🙂

Sweet Waters Full Gospel Church
Amanzimtoti, Durban, South Africa

John King – Muscle Laxity and Joint Pain

I am a sixty five year old man who three years ago started having extreme muscle laxity and joint pain. It started in my lower back and moved to my hips down to my legs. I lost a lot of weight and my doctor put me on Myprodol (2x a day). My chest, back and arms started being affected with the same extreme ache. I had been sent to a physiotherapist, I had been x rayed in the chest and back area and had an ultra sound in the soft tissue area. My GP then referred me to a rheumatologist who suggested I see a hematologist for a work up in order to establish a diagnosis. After a battery of blood tests and a bone marrow test – apparently nothing alarming was detected but this almost debilitating pain persisted.

Some twenty years ago I had been an active marathon and ultra-marathon runner and to describe what it felt like – that I had just run a comrades marathon but the recovery from the body aches just did not cease. I then tried to find the causes of my condition on my own. I had in the past drank a lot (15-20 tins on a natal summer day) of this low sugar and sugar free carbonated cool drink and I also kept a constant supply of chilled water in the cooler bag of my car but I re cycled the same old energade bottles. I read of plastic toxin and effects of aspartane and thought that this could be the reason and I cut them out. I tried and it seemed to help. I then did a series of ozone therapy, but the symptoms although receding slowly were still there. The affect after the pain had left one part of my body was that the muscles had wasted away. I moved off Myprodol and its generic Gen Pain to Corenza C and the 5mgm Cortisone tablets (2 x 3 x day). When this started three years ago I would have 2 Myprodol 3 times a day. It helped manage the pain for a couple of hours then I needed more tablets. This pain cycle worked through my body very slowly and all the while I would reduce the pain killer Corenza C and 5mgm Corazone till the last four months I was down to 25% of a single tablet each. By now the muscles were reasonably clear and the various joints ached in areas. Throughout the whole 3 year cycle I have been an active born again Christian and I have been prayed over a number of times with no noticeable results. 

About six months ago I was introduced to Dr Michelle Strydom’s sanctification of the heart. I had a high level of hopeful expectation of this course and I have not been disappointed as the knowledge of what our thoughts and their manifestations do. I have started a self Holy Spirit guided search of myself and advanced very quickly out of even the joint ache phase of the ailment I had. I am on no medication of any sort now, the quality of sleep I enjoy has now returned. I awake refreshed and energetic. A side issue is the asthma that I developed when I was two years old and needed to manage with ventilator pump has disappeared due to Dr Michelle’s teaching on asthma. I am very thankful to the Lord for revealing this teaching to Dr Michelle Strydom and to all the sources she used to develop this ministry.

John King
Sweet Waters Full Gospel Church
Amanzimtoti, Durban, South Africa

Marie Scholtz – Cancer

Testimony of Marie Scholtz after being diagnosed with Cancer. She watched the DVD’s and did apply the principles of Dr. M. Strydom’s –No disease is incurable.

During my Christmas holiday in Kariba I was very sun burnt and on returning I noticed I had this blister on my nose. So after seeing my doctor they decided to operate the 28th February 2011. They then discovered it was a SQUAMOUS CARCINOMA which was cancerous. Well having a mother die from cancer I was beside myself. So I prayed and contacting my brother Willie I knew the power of prayer is so strong and he contacted his group of prayer friends. The doctors decided to re-operate in April. I kept on praying for deliverance and never before did I witness the closeness to God as we are just nothing without Him in our lives. Willie and my daughter Elsabe accompanied me to have my second operation. I wasn’t nervous it was as if I had peace in my heart and Praise the Lord the results were clear! It’s wonderful to know you have family believers and family support during such a time of trials.

God bless you for all the good work you are doing in HIS NAME.

Marie Scholtz

Farirai Tamirepi – Blood Pressure

My husband is doing well. We came across the amazing book when his blood pressure was very high. We read the book and believed the Word. It has worked for him miraculously. Together we have started reaching out to people with different diseases. I do the counselling as I am a pastoral therapist and he testifies. We praise God for your ministry.

Farirai Tamirepi,
Gweru, Zimbabwe

William and Nikki Mills – ADHD

When our daughter Megan was in grade 2 the teacher called us in to say there was a problem. She said that Megan could verbally tell a story but when it came to writing it she had no idea and could express and not get it out. Her teacher had had past experience with ADHD and she suggested that we had her assessed by a child psychologist. Our world seemed to shatter, a lot now made sense like her frustration of her homework and her just not being able to concentrate or sit still for long periods. Her being our first child and only child we thought that this was normal. After going to the Child Psychologist we realized this was not normal and our fears were realized. With not much choice in therapy it was suggested that she was put on a trial dose of Ritalin. During this time, the teacher would not know the days she was on or not on Ritalin. She would be monitored her over six weeks and then the teacher would let us know how she did. At the end of six weeks it was definitely apparent that Ritalin helped her. At the end of that year she was streamed and in grade three she was put in the B stream. She was doing well and progressing with the help of Remedial Reading and Occupational Therapy. Grade four we had to take her back to Harare to get her tested for dyslexia which she was also diagnosed with. It was suggested that we increase the dosage of Ritalin. She was two years older and the dosage was not working. We did this and she continued to excel winning awards for the best remedial pupil and the best overall achiever for that year in her class. She was even put into the A stream at the beginning of this year in Grade five. Everything seemed to be going great. I was one of those moms who was pro Ritalin even though we had come under a lot of flack about this, it seemed to be the only option at the time. Then my friend Lyn told me of the talk that Michelle would be giving a few moms about ADHD. I went and then after doing our family trees according to how Michelle had explained and seeing a distinct pattern coming through from my father’s side of ADHD and all the things were coming from that, I was shocked; that to top it off with the description of Ritalin being a baby form of speed and its many side effects that Ritalin does give children that you are not told about in the beginning. I was horrified what I had they done to my baby girl. As a parent I had a responsibility and I felt so convicted as I left Michelle’s talk that day. Please don’t take me wrong, this is how I felt and I am not saying that this works for everyone but it has worked for me and it has worked for my family. I’m blessed to have a wonderful husband who believes in God and who loves our family. He was so amazing as we prayed to cast out the deaf and dumb spirit and the sins of our ancestors with as little trauma to our children as possible. We actually prayed over Megan and then when my children went to the next room prayed the prayer of deliverance which is quiet daunting and I did not want the children to hear things like that. She is only nine years so it’s a bit much. I then started a star chart, which Michelle had mentioned and embarked a nine week course of trying to break habits as we believe that God keeps His word and He had healed her. So it was now just a case of breaking the bad habits that had formed over the years. This focusing method helps them to focus on something which helps them to give them a goal to get through some of the hard weeks ahead. It was not easy but I believe that there is still healing happening in her life and we take it one day at a time. Her self-esteem is quite low but I was talking to Michelle earlier it does take a little while to get through and you have also got to understand they are still children. It was not easy but we know it was the right thing to do. We took a leap of faith and decided to stop the Ritalin after praying for her that day. It was at least 6 weeks of withdrawal symptoms, mood swings, headaches, and agitation. My heart ached in seeing the withdrawals and results of what the drug had done. I worked closely with her teacher who has been wonderful and really understanding. I praise God today for the work that He has done in my little girl. Yes her marks have dropped a little but she is interacting with her class now. She is laughing and joking and being the child that God made her to be, not this little mouse who would come to class and work without speaking to anybody, not even her teacher. I checked that with her teacher last week when she said that she was like a little mushroom who just sat there and did what she was supposed to have done but she did not interact in class. Her marks were wonderful but I don’t believe that is what God wants. 

There are times when the devil tries to put doubt in our lives that she is not healed and that her low self-esteem is what we have done to her but we stand today strong in our faith that our precious Father has given back the life of our baby girl. I want to thank God for caring enough about us to heal her and I want to thank Michelle for having enough faith in God to share this with everyone.

William and Nikki Mills
Bulawayo, Zimbabwe

Ria Renke – Autism Spectrum Disorder

Below the testimony of my son, Imre that was healed from Autism Spectrum Disorder.

My name is Ria Renke. I am a mother of three boys. Our family lives in Bothaville, Free State, South Africa. My eldest, Imre was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder when he was 18 months old. That same year he was fitted with hearing aids for moderate hearing loss.
We never accepted the diagnoses. It didn’t matter how the doctors and therapists explained, I just knew that there is no reason for my son to live a life like that. Without Christ in our lives at that stage we tried everything: speech therapy, occupational therapy, play therapy and even horse riding therapy. We just had to cure my son at all costs.
When Imre was 6 years old he attended a home school centre. By that time, it was his fifth pre-school. Me and my husband was called in to discuss an event were Imre was involved. The teacher could see that we were on our robes end. She later on sent me an e-mail. Attached to it was the book: Healing begins with the sanctification of the heart by Dr MK Strydom. At first I wasn’t very interested. However, I woke up that night and started to read the chapters that the teacher indicated. It was the chapters on ADHD, Epilepsy, Autism and so on. It explained the origin and causing of these diseases. All of this was new to us. Me and my husband was then just born again in Christ and were newly baptized. We were so desperate that we just had to believe that this is the answer.
We started to pray for Imre every night for the next seven days while he was asleep. We repented on every sin imaginable for ourselves and our ancestors. We also started to break the curses of our bloodline and any other curses. We prayed the prayer over and over. Over and over. I couldn’t get enough. This just had to work.
In the book Dr Michelle referred to the deaf and dumb spirit from The Bible, Mark 9, where Jesus cast the spirit out. I just knew that we had to deal with that as well as to address Imre’s deafness. We asked our church leader to help and she knew how to deal with it. In two weeks’ time we could noticeably see a change in Imre.
In the upcoming month a following-up appointment was scheduled to test Imre’s hearing again. At the audiologist, there was a different therapist than usual, that would run Imre’s test. When she started to run the test I didn’t look up. I couldn’t look up. After so many times you don’t want to see that your child can’t hear. Then the therapist said: “Mama, look here.” On the screen it showed that Imre’s hearing is normal! Not even a slight dysfunction what so ever.
Imre is now eight years old. He is now in grade one. He is doing so well at school. He plays rugby in the school’s team and does amateur wrestling. He can speak, hear, read, write and learn like any other child.
Imre is healed. All glory the Lord, our Saviour and Healer!

My prayer is that Holy Spirit will stir each one that read and hear this testimony to call out to Him in prayer and praise and to not relay on what men has to say!

Psalm 66:16-20  All believers, come here and listen, let me tell you what God did for me. I called out to Him with my mouth, my tongue shaped the sounds of music. If I had been cozy with evil, the Lord would never have listened. But He most surely did listen, He came on the double when He heard my prayer. Blessed be God: He didn’t turn a deaf ear, He stayed with me, loyal in His love.

Geseënd in Christus
Blessed in Christ
Ria Renke

Ellen Gouveia – Allergies

I type this email with such gratitude in my heart towards Dr Michell Strydom for being obedient and starting the ministry to set YHWE’s children free, and what you guys do at the ministry with all the assignments and marking and answering email questions.

When I first signed up for the course I had no idea what it was about, never went to a seminar nor read the books or heard the dvd’s.

I heard about the course from a lady in my prayer group, and the Holy Spirit placed it on my heart that this is part of my calling.  So I signed up with huge excitement and utter joy without knowing what this entails.

I had a lot of questions, but what I received was more than what I could have imagined.

As I started with assignment 1, the Holy Spirit brought conviction, and I was set free and cured of my physical disease.

I battled for 2 years, with extreme allergic rash on my hands, I was using cortisol creams daily and actually woke up at night scratching my hands till they bled. 

Then I started with assignment 1, I cried and denied, and when there was parts I could not accept with my mind, the Holy Spirit brought truth and confirmation on several occasions, even through channels I would not have imagined.

I was attacked and exhausted and my time was being occupied ( robbed) and believe it or not all my electronic devises and the ones I had access to would not work, when I needed to type or send my assignments.

By the time I sent my assignment back, my hands were healed and I knew I was learning a truth I longed for when I went to my Pastor for answers and was left with more questions.

By the time I had to submit assignment 2 my hands were clean, the rash sometimes reappear but I know now that it is only the symptoms as I am healed, but still need to do my part to keep the healing.

When I talk about what I am learning I smile and tell people, I answer each question at least 3 times.

The first time with the facts from the book, the second time I translate to Afrikaans and then I chew and ponder and ask and pray, then the 3 time I just get it by revelation from the Holy Spirit, and I am able to answer it and talk about it.

I am at awe at how much I know I have grown and learned form assignment 1 to now.  

When I talk to a person and hear and see what they are going through and know the reason for it, I pray inwardly and know the Holy Spirit will lead me at the right time to talk and deliver, but till then I pray for them.

Thank you all so much for the amazing work you are doing.

May the works of your hands be blessed.

Friendly greetings 

Patty – Father misistry

Good day Team

What a wonderful weekend we had here in East London. Thank you for the hard work that went into the planning and execution  of an amazing event. 

Dr Michelle and the team all I can say is WOW and THANK YOU for all the valuable information and ministry. 

I know my walk with the Lord has been greatly impacted and my desire is an intimate relationship with my Daddy. To date that had just been superficial no matter how hard I tried. 
My earthly father had everything to do with that. Ministry on Sunday morning was such a release and relief. I praise God for the gent who cried with me. I’m crying now remembering his tender words and a natural hug of a Dad. Unbelievable. 

So again my heartfelt thanks. 
New beginnings. 

Kindest regards

Anne-Marié de Kock

Healed from stage 4 breast cancer
On August 2013 I felt a knob in my breast. Not taking chances, I went to see the doctor, who send me for tests. I had a mammogram, and it revealed (according to the radiologist) a cyst. He told me not to be alarmed, because many women walk around with cysts every day, and that I should come see him after one year.

A few months went by.  I wasn’t really worried, but gradually my breast started to feel differently, and it became sore. Eventually my skin started to become hot and red with inflammation. Even the shape of my breast changed. I had a sharp pain underneath my arm.

I decided to go back to the doctor, and this time the tests revealed a well-developed, very aggressive carcinoma. The cancer had spread to my glands underneath my arm as well.  There were also a numerous amount of lymph nodes that were infected. So it was stage four cancer already.

While I was in hospital during the time the tests were done, the doctor told me I had an inflammatory type of cancer, which is very difficult to control. It can spread very quickly, and is very invasive.

The news spread very fast, and all over people started praying for me. Prayer groups were formed, and people who did not even know me, prayed for my healing. Many came to visit, and the support were overwhelming. I studied the Word of God, and talked to Him non-stop.

When the test were done, the doctors told me, I had to undergo chemo therapy to control the spread of the tumour, and to see if they could let it shrink a bit before I had to undergo a mastectomy. It was too severe to be operate on. Thereafter I had to undergo radiology.

On arriving at the oncologist the following week, before starting the treatment, there were no sign of inflammatory cancer any more. I was instantly healed from that. Thank You Jesus! The remaining tumour still had to be treated. The oncologist told me, he never saw such an aggressive tempo of spreading of any cancer ever!  At a tempo rate of 99%, it was very scary! They also told my husband, I had about six months to live, and the chances of survival is about 10%. One of the funniest things we as people do, is to believe that things like this, will never happen to you. It was always happening to other people!

The chemo treatment started. A very aggressive type of treatment due to the severity of the cancer. I was so sick from the treatment! It was the worst experience ever! To survive something so severe was only Grace from God! There were days I felt like just to give up and die! Some days I couldn’t walk 6 steps without collapsing. I become so weak and tired all the time. I was always cold, even when it was hot. I couldn’t eat much, and did not keep much in either. My family had to do everything. I cannot appreciate it enough! They supported me through everything.

At this time I received a book from my brother with the title: Healing begins with SANCTIFICATION of the HEART – No disease is incurable, written by Dr MK Strydom. This opened up a new world of thought for me. Previously I had a very good, (so I thought) relationship with God. I was brought up in a home where I learned about God from very little. My father was a minister in one of the main church groups in South Africa – The Dutch Reformed church.

What I learned from this book, was to start believing radically, and trusting radically. I also learned about the role of long time stress and the wrong mental thinking patterns. These factors plays a tremendous role in the possibility of developing any disease.  If we do not repent for our wrong thinking patterns, and start to change our thought life, according to God’s Word, we will not be saved from our illnesses. I even had to repent for a low self-esteem. I were not a very confident person, and didn’t believe I was good enough for many things. I always thought other people can do things better than me. God showed me, I was worthy after repenting. It took me a long time really believing it though.

One of the necessary things to do, is to forgive. Go over your life and forgive EVERY person who wronged you in the past. Repent for un-forgiveness and speak peace over those person’s life. (Even wish him or her prosperity)
The next step is to study the word of God intensely, and trust Him to open your mind to His Word.   By doing this, I started to understand God’s word on a different level than before! God opened my understanding in such a way, I couldn’t believe it at first! Suddenly verses I couldn’t understand in the past, started to make sense.

I started to trust Him fully for my healing. I declared it, and thanked Him. I even asked Him to wait a bit with the healing, because I needed a break from my work as teacher for a while. He granted me my wish in such a way, it was overwhelming.
For example: Every time I had to go back for another session of chemo, the oncologist were so surprised by the rate my body healed from the previous treatment. You cannot receive the next treatment before your body reached a certain level of healing from the chemo. After the second chemo session, the lymph nodes were healed! Impossible! The cancer that were in my glands were also gone! Over the next months, the tumour became smaller, and didn’t spread further. Every time the healing rate were perfect. Not too fast, but fast enough to be impossible in the eyes of the medical practitioners.

During a time of such a severe illness, where your life is at stake, there are so many battles to fight in your head, but God started talking to me in many different ways. He supported me through messages that were sent to me from different sauces. Every time, I needed some word of encouragement for a specific problem, (pain, weakness, despair, and loneliness ext.) the specific answer and encouragement I needed at that specific time, came. The pastor of the church were used several times. Even a stranger in the street, were used. I could open my Bible at a certain verse several times, or read the same verse in different books or articles. It stood out so much, I couldn’t miss it!

 Some of the examples were the following.
 At a time I felt so afraid and weak, while we were driving in the car, and then we drove past a truck with the words JESUS LOVES YOU, on the front window. I felt the love of the Lord so overwhelming, and were relieved of the fear. Some of the messages were repeated sometimes for special attention. I think in the past, I did not know how to listen to the voice of the LORD properly. You have to be seeking His will, and to give your life to Him in every aspect of your life.

I was talking on the phone with my brother, and during our conversation he realized he received word from God for me. He thought originally the message was for him, but when talking to me, knew the message was for me. The words were: What I started, I will complete. In Afrikaans (Wat Ek begin het, sal Ek klaarmaak). The next Sunday, the pastor in church used the EXACT same words during his sermon. His words were:  God said: What I started, I will complete! A week later, when talking directly to me, in a conversation, he used (He didn’t know I received this message twice already) the same words! What a confirmation from God!

When the chemo treatment were done, it was time for the mastectomy. By that time, God showed me so much mercy, and love, I knew it would have been necessary. I told the doctor so, but he was adamant that it was of utmost importance to do the operation.  At last he gave in, and told me that we could wait to see what the final test will show. The following morning (the day of the operation) the radiologist were told to mark the exact place where the tumour was, so that the surgeon doesn’t cut through the tumour itself. But – There was NO TRACE of the tumour! All gone! At the end I had an operation where they removed only the area where the tumour was, as well as some of the glands underneath my arm. No live cancer cell could be found! I was totally healed!

In hind-sight, I would not even had that operation done either!
Now, three and a halve years later, the oncologist told me, it wasn’t necessary to come and see him every six months any more, but I can only come once a year. He also told me, the chances of re-occurrence were very high for the first three years, but thereafter the chances were about 10 % for the next two years. Thereafter, the chances are about zero. There is only three months left of the 10 % chance.  Remember, I had only a 10 % survival rate! No trace can be found of any reoccurrence. I am truly healed!

I learned a lot during this time, and am still learning. Fear is a constant battle to overcome. I also learned to trust God’s timing. It is always perfect! God listens to you, and will answer you on the right time, but you have to trust Him 100%.
Combat stress as far as possible, and make time to rethink your life often. Search your soul for impurities and repent. When you are stressed, your body secretes cortisol that is the biggest reason we get sick. Your immune system cannot handle all the cortisol in the body after years of following a stressful life.

Life goes on, but God has a plan and purpose for YOUR life.
Other people’s lives are important, but you must never allow your mind to dwell on negative people who tries to overshadow you, or to make you feel bad about yourself. Speak life over their lives, and forgive them. Care for them, but don’t let them use you to feel better about themselves.

Start to follow a healthy life-style by eating healthy and to be active.  Juicing is the best way to support your body’s immune system. There are a lot of information on the internet in this regard. Also try to get your body to become alkaline. Lemon juice on an empty stomach every morning is one of the natural ways. You cannot sit back and wait for God to heal you. You must ask, repent, trust and follow protocol yourselves to support your healing process. Learn as much as possible.

I am also starting to try and go all natural with beauty products and soaps, by starting a natural range of products especially for people with cancer and other illnesses. God showed me so many things, I cannot keep it for myself. I must help other people, through His grace, by doing this and by sharing my testimony. I believe this is part of my purpose in life.

Remember the devil did not succeed to destroy my life, but it doesn’t keep him from trying again. So the battles of life will not go away, but I’ve learned to bring it all before the cross of Jesus, and to remember that we are washed clean by His blood. By His stripes we are healed. Mentally and physically.  He will protect you, if you believe that He will. God always waits for us to come to Him. He gave us a free will to either choose to follow Him wholeheartedly or not to. Ask, and you will receive. Jeremiah 33:3. (This was one of the verses that were repeatedly send to me by God)

No matter how many people stand by you, but at the end it is only between you and God. You can be healed! Thank You Jesus!
All glory to God the Farther, Jesus Christ the Son and the Holy Spirit, forever and ever!  Amen.
Anne-Marié de Kock