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By Dr. MK Strydom The Bible from a Medical Perspective Medicine from a Biblical Perspective


As we pursue Abba Father’s heart in our own personal relationship with Him – we are growing and learning more and more in understanding how to operate according to His Kingdom ways in Eagles’ Wings. 

In the area of finance – we have learnt how His kingdom economy works is very different (and many times the complete opposite) to the way that the world operates in finance and business. Whilst the world operates in the system of “buying and selling” – Abba Father has been leading us into His Kingdom principle of “sowing and reaping”. We’re not saying that there is anything wrong with buying and selling, Abba Father has just shown us “a more excellent way” (1 Corinthians 12 v 31)

What that practically means, is that we are no longer selling the books at a fixed price. Whilst we trust Abba Father in faith to be our Provider, it is our great joy and honor to give this book to you, free of charge – as a “seed” we are investing into your life – trusting with faith and thanksgiving that it will bring great blessing, breakthrough, healing, restoration in spirit, soul and body, and an abundant harvest of Godly fruit in your life – as well as many others that you share it with. 


Our only request is that if you choose to receive this book – that you use it (i.e. don’t let it collect dust on the shelf – read and apply it to your life!…or give it to someone who will!) – because each book is a “precious seed” which carries the investment of a lot of time, work, love, faith and financial miracles from Abba Father on our end – with many people giving sacrificially of their finances – in order to get this printed book into your hands – so please be faithful to use this precious and valuable seed wisely.


Please watch the video below which explains everything involved in ordering a book. 

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  • International orders are possible but unfortunately have to be done manually.
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We will then get a quote from the couriers and send you a full quote of the products and courier cost with an additional percentage to cover international bank payment cost. Once you accept this and make a payment, your parcel will be sent.


Should you feel led by Holy Spirit to sow a financial seed (as a donation which can be any amount that Abba Father lays on your heart) back into Eagles’ Wings, to partner with us to continue the work we are doing to impact the lives of others with this message, press on the button below:

Note: It is important that you put the words: FOR BOOKS in the reference of your deposit so that we know to use it accordingly.

Or if you are sowing towards partnering with us in the making of the Book of Revelation teachings, please put the words: FOR VIDEOS in the reference so that we know to use it for that purpose.

Be encouraged to also sow a portion into Atavah ministries, who distributes Eagles Wings material – as well as the material of other ministries doing a valuable work for the Kingdom of God. They are investing a tremendous amount of labor and administration, free of charge, to distribute the material of Eagles Wings, because their heart is to spread the Gospel:

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To those who sowed into Eagles Wings, during this past year, making this print of books possible – we want to extend our deepest, heartfelt thank you! We honour the obedience to the Holy Spirit’s prompting, sacrifice and leap of faith your financial gifts represent for you! And we pray over you, thanking Abba Father for multiplying His blessing back to you, not only in your finances, but in your health, your family and loved ones, your destiny and calling and in every area of life. Thank you for partnering with us to reap a bridal harvest for eternity!

Much love in Him,

Yours in His service,

Dr. Michelle Kim Strydom
Tammy Van Rensburg
Eagles Wings

NOTE: IF IT SAYS OUT OF STOCK when ordering a Book from our South African Distributer – Atavah: it does not mean that there are no books left – the staff is just processing the previous batch of 100 orders. When they have finished, they will upload the next 100 books and you can start ordering again.

NOTE: When ordering a book from Atavah: Please do not send emails or whatsapp messages, as it results in an increased administration burden on the small team processing the orders. *Emails are exclusively for orders outside of South Africa.