The Bible from a Medical Perspective, Medicine from a Biblical Perspective

The Bible from a Medical Perspective, Medicine from a Biblical Perspective

By Dr MK Strydom

We have been blessed to distribute 3000 books in our last stock, which has now been fully given out.

However, we are delighted that you are interested in getting this book and sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you for not having any stock of books at the moment. Thank you for your continued patience whilst we give thanks and trust Abba Father for His provision, and are slowly accumulating the finances, to be able to print thousands more copies of Dr MK Strydom’s book – The Bible from a Medical Perspective Medicine from a Biblical Perspective.

Meanwhile, we invite you to join our book waiting list. Simply click the button below and provide your details. By joining, you’ll receive early notifications about the next book batch, ahead of the general public. This gives you the first opportunity to get the book. Also, consider joining our Eagles’ Wings Telegram channel and email group for free video teachings. These teachings cover content similar to the book, along with new insights by Dr. MK Strydom on the topic of the Revelation of the Book of Revelation.

“As we pursue Abba Father’s heart in our own personal relationship with Him – we are growing and learning more and more, in understanding how to operate according to His Kingdom ways.

In the area of finance, we have learnt how His Kingdom economy works is very different, (and many times, the complete opposite) to the way that the world operates in finance and in business. Whilst the world operates int the system of “buying and selling” – Abba Father has been leading us into His Kingdom principle of “sowing and reaping”.

What that practically means, is that we are no longer selling the books at a fixed price.

We trust Abba Father in faith to be our Provider – so it is our great joy and honor to give this book to you, free of charge – as a “seed” we are investing into your life – trusting with faith and thanksgiving that it will bring great blessing, breakthrough and an abundant harvest of Godly fruit in your life – as well as many others that you share it with.

Our only request is that if you choose to receive this book – that you use it (i.e. don’t let it collect dust on the shelf – read and apply it to your life!… or give it to someone who will!) – because each book is a “precious seed” which carries the investment of a lot of time, work, love, faith and financial miracles from Abba Father on our end – to have been able to get this printed book into your hands – so please be faithful to use this precious seed wisely.

Note: That whilst the book itself is given to you free of charge, you will have to pay the courier fees for the book to be sent to you – which we have learnt from experience is a “good thing” – because it is often the way we are in our human nature, that when something at least costs us “something” – we value it – and in the case with the book – invest the time and effort to read and study it, and benefit from the treasures it contains.

Maximum number of books per person: We want to spread the message in the books to as many people as possible, who desperately need the life saving and life changing revelation it contains. And therefore the maximum number of books any person can order is 2 books (one for yourself and one to give away to somebody else you know who needs it). If you have a genuinely good reason (that you can prove) for wanting to order more books – you can contact us via email (

Should you feel led by Holy Spirit to sow a financial seed (as a donation which can be any amount that Abba Father lays on your heart) back into Eagles’ Wings, to partner with us to continue the work we are doing to impact the lives of others with this message, please use the bank account below – and please specifically include the words “FOR BOOKS” in the reference, so that we can be sure to allocate that money accordingly.

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