The Coming New World Order of the Anti-Christ and the Babylon Agenda Behind the COVID 19 Pandemic

The Identity of the Anti-Christ & False Prophet: Revealed Through Scripture, Confirmed in the Way History has Unfolded


Introduction – 3 min 12 sec

Part 33: The Three Current Pillars of Babylon (Globalist Control) – 17 min

Part 34: How the Mystery Babylon End Time One World Religion is Connected to Rome, the Vatican City and the Pope – 29 min 48 sec

Part 35: Free Masonry Infiltrating the Church and Christianity – 57 min 03 sec

Part 36: Blasphemous Names – 1 hour 10 min 07 sec

Part 37: The British Empire – 1 hour 21 min 55 sec

Part 38: The 10 Horns and 7 Heads of the Anti-Christ One World Government – 1 hour 40 min 17 sec

Part 39: Why the Anti-Christ is a King who comes from the Roman Empire which is Europe – 1 hour 54 min 05 sec

Part 40: The Picture of the Anti-Christ Beast of Revelations 13 Made Clear and Easy to Understand – 2 hours 04 min 13 sec

Part 41: The Reality and Presence of the Anti-Christ Beast System in Our World Today – The Historical and Scriptural Connection of the British Monarchy to the Anti-Christ Beast System – 2 hours 15 min 53 sec

Part 42: The British Monarchy’s Ties to Egypt – Both as Sovereign Rulers as well as to the Ancient Religion of Egypt which is the Same Mystery Religion of Ancient Babylon – 2 hours 51 min 27 sec

Part 43: The Connection Between Roman Emperors and the British Monarchy – 3 hours 18 min 23 sec

Part 44: Possible Connection of Charles and the 7 Kings of Revelation 17 v 9 – 10 – 3 hours 48 min 49 sec

Part 45: The Connection of the Final 7 Popes to the 7 Kings of Revelation 17 v 9 – 10 – 3 hours 57 min 42 sec

Part 46: The 7 Layers of Meaning and 7 Prophetic Fulfilments of the 7 Hills and 7 Kings of Revelation 17 v 9 – 10 – 

4 hours 10 min 45 sec 

Part 47: The Fascinating Significance of 11, 111, 11:11 and 9/11 – 4 hours 42 min 10 sec

Part 48: The British Monarchy and the Blood Line of King David – 5 hours 07 min 25 sec

Part 49: Connection between Britain and Israel – 5 hours 34 min 03 sec

Part 50: Rejecting the God of His Fathers – 5 hours 58 min 37 sec

Part 51: The Significance of Charles, Diana and William – 6 hours 23 min 41 sec

Part 52: The Recent World Event Where The Anti-Christ Announced His Soon Coming Arrival – 6 hours 59 min 05 sec


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  1. Ken Peters (I Saw The Tribulation)
    Link to full Testimony:
  1. TRIBULATION TESTIMONY BY BRANDON: “Jesus took me to the Tribulation and gave me a glimpse of what’s to come I had this visitation 2014”

Link to full Testimony:

YouTube channel:
Last Days


For those who feel inspired and Holy Spirit led to study this teaching in more depth for yourself, and hopefully “take the baton” to share this vitally important message with others – whether it be in church, a Bible study/fellowship group or with people you meet in everyday life – below are some tools, which we hope will be of value in assisting you:

  1. The complete Power Point slides – which are all the slides/pictures you looked at whilst watching the video.
  2. “Lecture Notes” – where everything that was spoken “word for word” in the video is put onto Power Point slides in a way that makes it very easy for you to teach or share this information with others, where you can simply read and speak out the words of the teaching, for example in a church service or Bible Study setting.


  • The lecture notes work “hand in hand” with the other slides/pictures you looked at whilst watching the video.
  • You need 2 laptops – one with the slides that the “audience” sees, and the other laptop which only you use, to look at your lecture notes.
  • On some slides in the lecture notes, you will see a box with the picture of a pomegranate in it – the purpose of these boxes is to prompt you when to change the slide that the “audience” is looking at, whilst you are speaking from the lecture notes.
  • The number in the box, tells you the number of the slide in the power point presentation that should be showing for the “audience” to see, so that the right slide is showing, which coincides with what you are saying and explaining at the point, from your lecture notes.
  • Of course, you are welcome to use the lecture notes and slides exactly as they are, or you are free to change the wording and adapt the lecture notes and slides to your own flavor and way of sharing the Word of God with others – but at least these slides “give you a place to start from”.
  • Color coding:
    • Words in blue – are very important statements which prompts you to put extra effort into your expression and emphasis of what is being said.
    • Words in green, such as for example, “PAUSE”, “NEW POINT” etc, are not words that are meant to be spoken out – it is just there to help you as you are speaking out the message, if you are using the lecture notes.
    • Words in red, it just to help catch your attention to the box prompting you to change the slide.


There is a copyright on the material, which is only there to prevent people from abusing it for financial again. The Gospel is not for sale! Freely you have received…and in the same way freely give! Otherwise feel free to use the material in whatever way would be of value to you.

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