I would like to send out an urgent warning to the body of Christ and anybody who has ears to hear and is willing to listen: we are in a time the Bible prophesied where great deception covers the earth and where if possible – even the very elect will be deceived. It is my hope that this message will help and equip you to walk in wisdom and discernment – as each person on the planet has to make a decision for themselves on whether or not to receive the vaccine which is being rolled out on the pretext of what is being described as the coronavirus pandemic. In this message I will share:

  • How the COVID vaccines don’t stimulate or enhance the immune system as many think – but causes a self-creating
    an autoimmune disease similar to HIV/AIDS.
  • I explain many of the other contents and advanced medical technologies contained in these vaccines and the consequences and effects they have on our spirit, soul and body.
  • Why the Nasal PCR tests are another form of vaccination
  • Spiritual encouragement and strategies in facing the time head, including Abba Father’s supernatural provision and protection.
  • Most important in the whole message – don’t miss the end where I share guidelines for those who need healing from the adverse effects of vaccines on our spirit, soul, body and DNA, how to deal with the spiritual and physical effects of vaccines from the past, and to assist you to prepare your heart to stand firm under pressure in the time ahead.

Why and how the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are a ‘medical trojan horse” that affects the immune system and body in a way that is similar to aids – and why they are actually not vaccines at all.