The Coming New World Order of the Anti-Christ and the Babylon Agenda Behind the COVID 19 Pandemic

Who and What is Mystery Babylon? Vitally important Education for Christians about Freemasonry

X Factor Winner Exposes One World Religion of the Anti-Christ; Unveiling the Agenda behind the COVID-19 Pandemic & Vaccines.



This video is very, very important…this is where we give you the first vital key to the understanding needed to unveil the great deception behind the COVID vaccines – which was one of the primary reasons we started this Book of Revelation series.

Revelation 18 v 23 warned that in the end times, pharmaceutical deceptions ‘from Babylon” would be employed to deceive the nations of the entire earth. The agenda behind the vaccines that were brought in on the pretext of the COVID 19 pandemic is not primarily a medical one or a political one – it is a spiritual one… and understanding this, begins with understanding exactly who and what is mystery Babylon, prophesied about in the Book of Revelation.

This is where we have come to the point where it has become a vital necessity for the body of Christ to be educated about the reality of free masonry. In this regard, we are privileged to have Altiyan Childs join us in this video, who brilliantly exposes the coming one world religion of the Anti-Christ.

Altiyan was a famous singer and winner of X-Factor in Australia in 2010. As with most people at the top of the music industry and in any influential position – he was deep into free masonry. But he had a radical encounter with Jesus, and is now born again and set free – and his past experience has enabled him to give a priceless education to the body of Christ, that is vitally important for the times we are in.

The first principle of warfare, including spiritual warfare – is to know your enemy – who he is and how he operates. 

2 Corinthians 2 v 11 says that we must be aware of the strategies of the enemy “…so that we would not be outwitted by Satan; for we are not ignorant of his evil schemes.”

This video is an invaluable education that is literally life-saving. It will equip you with wisdom and understanding to enable you to recognize the finger prints of the enemy – not only with the recent pandemic & vaccines, but also future pandemics soon to come – and it will also enable you to recognize the patterns and strategies of every end time deception and destruction – and it will also lay an essential foundation of understanding that will later equip you to correctly identify the false prophet and the Anti-Christ, long before they step into their role on the world stage.



Part 1: Mystery Babylon: The One World Religion of the End Times – 19 min 21 sec

Part 2: The Unholy Trinity of the End Times: Satan (The Father of Lies), the Anti-Christ (False Messiah) and the False Prophet (Counterfeit Holy Spirit) – 39 min 17 sec

Part 3: How the Beast Kingdoms of Satan Evolved Through History as Both a Religious System and Economic and Political/Governmental System – and How They Are All Combined to Form the Final End Time One World Government and Beast System of the Antichrist as Prophesied in Scripture: – 42 min 39 sec

  • Part 4.1: 1st Beast Kingdom: Babylonian Empire – Gold head/Lion – 46 min 45 sec
  • Part 4.2: 2nd Beast Kingdom: Medo-Persia – Silver chest and arms/Bear with 3 ribs in its mouth – 51 min 11 sec
  • Part 4.3: 3rd Beast Kingdom: Greek Empire Under Alexander the Great – Bronze abdomen and thighs – Leopard – 55 min 49 sec
  • Part 4.4: 4th Beast Kingdom: Roman Empire – Iron legs/Dragon – 1 hour 2 min 58 sec
  • Part 4.5: 5th Beast Kingdom: British Empire – Iron mixed with clay feet/Dragon – 1 hour 7 min 32 sec

Part 5: The Value of Being Educated About Free Masonry – 1 hour 12 min 35 sec

Part 6: Introduction to Altiyan Childs – 1 hour 18 min 55 sec

Part 7: A Vitally Important, Priceless Education of Free Masonry by Altiyan Childs – 1 hour 23 min 10 sec

Altiyan Childs – Previous Winner of X Factor, Exposes One World Religion – 1 hour 25 min 37 sec

Part 8: Insert by Dr. MK Strydom: The Georgia Guidestones: The Relevance of the Current Pharmaceutical Deceptions to the New World Order Goals to Reduce the Earth’s Population – 5 hours 3 min 34 sec

Altiyan Childs Continues to Speak – 6 hours 27 min 18 sec

Part 9: Guideline Repentance Prayer for Breaking the Curses and Effects of Free Masonry – 8 hours 11 min 31 sec



Below is the powerful song of spiritual warfare used in this teaching:

You Rescue Me:


Who and What is Mystery Babylon? Vitally important Education for Christians about Freemasonry

X Factor Winner Exposes One World Religion of the Anti-Christ; Unveiling the Agenda behind the COVID-19 Pandemic & Vaccines.


For those who feel inspired and Holy Spirit led to study this teaching in more depth for yourself, and hopefully “take the baton” to share this vitally important message with others – whether it be in church, a Bible study/fellowship group or with people you meet in everyday life – below are some tools, which we hope will be of value in assisting you:

  1. The complete Power Point slides – which are all the slides/pictures you looked at whilst watching the video.
  2. “Lecture Notes” – where everything that was spoken “word for word” in the video is put onto Power Point slides in a way that makes it very easy for you to teach or share this information with others, where you can simply read and speak out the words of the teaching, for example in a church service or Bible Study setting.


  • The lecture notes work “hand in hand” with the other slides/pictures you looked at whilst watching the video.
  • You need 2 laptops – one with the slides that the “audience” sees, and the other laptop which only you use, to look at your lecture notes.
  • On some slides in the lecture notes, you will see a box with the picture of a pomegranate in it – the purpose of these boxes is to prompt you when to change the slide that the “audience” is looking at, whilst you are speaking from the lecture notes.
  • The number in the box, tells you the number of the slide in the power point presentation that should be showing for the “audience” to see, so that the right slide is showing, which coincides with what you are saying and explaining at the point, from your lecture notes.
  • Of course, you are welcome to use the lecture notes and slides exactly as they are, or you are free to change the wording and adapt the lecture notes and slides to your own flavor and way of sharing the Word of God with others – but at least these slides “give you a place to start from”.
  • Color coding:
    • Words in blue – are very important statements which prompts you to put extra effort into your expression and emphasis of what is being said.
    • Words in green, such as for example, “PAUSE”, “NEW POINT” etc, are not words that are meant to be spoken out – it is just there to help you as you are speaking out the message, if you are using the lecture notes.
    • Words in red, it just to help catch your attention to the box prompting you to change the slide.


There is a copyright on the material, which is only there to prevent people from abusing it for financial again. The Gospel is not for sale! Freely you have received…and in the same way freely give! Otherwise feel free to use the material in whatever way would be of value to you.


During Episode 1, we also encouraged you to spend time praying the following important repentance prayers below. These are not intended to be rote religious prayers…they are only meant to be a guideline to assist you in specifically addressing all the important relevant things involved e.g. the specific parts of our spirit, soul and body that is affected by vaccines, the specific generational curses in different areas involved in free masonry etc. These things are not automatically broken when we become born again – we have to purposefully and intentionally apply the Bood of Yeshua (Jesus of Nazareth) to our lives by genuine, sincere, heartfelt repentance.

These are long prayers because they are very thorough, given how vitally important this is–but as the old saying goes: “Just eat the elephant one bite at a time”. By just doing 2 or 3 pages a day, you will eventually get through it all – and will have closed a very important door to the enemy in your life – as well as the lives of your children… as our personal journey of sanctification and repentance on the highway of holiness (where we separate ourselves from all worldliness) leads us into the “Ark of His supernatural protection” in the perilous end times ahead.

  1. LINK: GUIDELINE REPENTANCE PRAYER FOR COVID VACCINES AND OTHER VACCINES FROM THE PASTThis is a guideline repentance prayer to assist you in breaking all the curses, defilement and destructive effects on our spirit, soul and body from vaccines –including vaccines in the past, right from childhood and especially the recent COVID vaccines. Be encouraged to pray this prayer with all your heart, as you sit before Abba Father in His presence…and even write it out on paper as an official petition and “legal document” that you take to the court rooms of Heaven by faith –as you trust the Blood of Yeshua/Jesus to cleanse your spirit, soul and body of all unrighteousness and everything that is not from Abba Father (1 John 1 v 9). After praying this repentance prayer, sign your name at the end, as you prepare your heart to make a stand under the pressure in the time ahead, when the Babylon beast system of the Anti-Christ will try to pressure and force mandatory vaccines and the occultic technology it contains on the global population – in preparation for the coming mark of the beast.
  1. LINK: GUIDELINE REPENTANCE PRAYER TO BREAK THE CURSES OF FREE MASONRY PERSONALLY AND GENERATIONALLYThis is a guideline repentance prayer to break the curses of free masonry –personally and generationally. We believe that it is very important for all of us to pray this heartfelt prayer in our own individual journey of sanctification – because there are so many ways in which we have unknowingly participated in the ways of Babylon and Free masonry in our own lives…and also it is near 100% guaranteed that somebody in our generations was involved in Free masonry/was a free mason –and so this is a very important area to address in repentance as we prepare our spiritual “wedding garments” for the marriage supper of the Lamb –through washing off the black ink spots on our wedding garments (the ways of the Kingdom of darkness) through repentance and the washing of the water of the Word, which means being transformed into the image of YHVH through the renewing of our mind (Ephesians 5 v 25 –26; Romans 12 V 1 2)– in order to be ready and prepared when our Savior, Redeemer, Bridegroom and King comes to fetch His Bride for the marriage supper of the Lamb!(Revelations 19 v 7 –9)
  1. LINK: GUIDELINE REPENTANCE PRAYER TO BREAK THE LEWIS CURSE OF FREE MASONRY PERSONALLY AND GENERATIONALLYAfter going through the prayer on free masonry, it is also important to pray this guideline prayer to break the Lewis curse on the first born son that goes through the generations of our families, when a person has been involved in free masonry –and this prayer will guide you to address all the specific curses involved in different areas of our life that are affected by this – so that you can break it personally and generationally by the Bood of Yeshua/Jesus applied through repentance.
  1. LINK: GUIDELINE REPENTANCE PRAYER TO BREAK THE CURSES PERSONALLY AND GENERATIONALLY OF THE KUNDALINI SPIRIT AND OTHER COMMON FORMS OF OCCULTISMThis is an additional guideline repentance prayer which we highly recommend, that breaks the curses personally and generationally, of the Kundalini Spirit and other very common forms of occultism. In our experience in Eagles Wings, we have seen many breakthroughs in people’s lives – such as freedom from spiritual bondages, psychological illnesses and physical diseases (for example unexplained pain involving the central nervous system) – as well as breakthrough in other areas such as freedom from financial bondage etc after speaking out this guideline prayer before Abba Father in genuine, sincere, heartfelt repentance.

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