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When Christians can’t Buy or Sell – Mandatory Vaccine Passports are Coming – What Do We Do Then?

Video Series on the Coming New World Order of the Anti-Christ

According to Biblical patterns in Scripture and the plans outlaid by the globalist elite – the next pandemic is potentially planned to happen in 2025. The purpose of this planned pandemic is to provide the pretext to bring in the mandatory vaccine passports.

As we speak, laws are being passed from America, to Europe to Singapore to China – to make vaccine passports mandatory for all people worldwide. A vaccine passport consists of 3 main elements:

  1. Proof of vaccination
  2. A digital I.D.
  3. It will eventually be linked with a one world digital currency.

These same elements will eventually become the Mark of the Beast without which people will not be able to buy or sell. The only difference, is that when people receive the Mark of the Beast, it comes with a Luciferian initiation which involves having to pledge an allegiance to the Anti-Christ and selling their soul to Lucifer for all eternity. 

The role of the COVID vaccines and all the vaccines leading up to the final Mark of the Beast, is to prepare the global population to be ready and willing to receive the final Mark of the Beast – and the nanotechnology components of all those vaccines in people’s bodies eventually become a part of the Mark of the Beast – like pieces of Lego clicking together to join and become one piece.

These vaccines prepare the global population to be ready and willing to receive the Mark of the Beast through progressively genetically manipulating their DNA, such as their VMAT2 gene, which snuffs out spiritual pursuit (the ability for repentance and the desire for a love relationship with Abba Father) – and essentially transforms people to become God haters. Even before he arrives on the scene, the global population will already be programmed to worship the Anti-Christ in spirit, soul and body – right from the level of their DNA! 

(Note that there is real power in the Blood of Jesus/Yeshua that can be applied to our lives through repentance! It literally even physically works to cleanse and restore our DNA! The effects on our spirit, soul and body from any vaccines we have taken up until now, can literally be broken and erased through a heartfelt prayer of repentance – such as the guideline repentance prayer for vaccines which we sent you previously, which can be downloaded at this link: https://goldeneagles.africa/repentance-prayer-for-vaccines/ ).

Whilst the final Mark of the Beast only comes into effect after the rapture, at the start of the Great Tribulation, the Bride of Christ will still be here and have to pass the test of the mandatory vaccine passports. It is going to become a reality in our world very soon – where people will not be able to buy and sell, thus not even being able to buy groceries from the shops, and will all eventually lose their jobs – if they refuse the vaccines. So what do we do then? 

Out of fear and anxiety, many Christians will buckle under the extraordinary pressure to take these jabs, because they see no other way forward to provide for their family and children… but that’s the value of Biblical prophecy!! Abba Father warned us about this event before time in Scripture, so that when it unfolds, we don’t fall into the traps, snares and deceptions of the enemy – and so that instead of going into fear, hopelessness and confusion like the masses of the global population will do, you can say, “OK Abba Father, You told me that this was going to happen and why, and most importantly, You have revealed to me what Your plan is in all of this, which triumphs above all the plans of the enemy… so I am ready to take Your hand and walk with You through this, as I trust Your plan in the process – and I submit to what You want to do in and through me, in this time.”

When Christians lose their jobs and get kicked out of the world’s economic system – and are no longer able to buy and sell, because of refusing to bow to the pharmakeia and sorcery of Babylon (the mandatory vaccines) – it’s one of the best and most exciting things that has ever happened to us! 

In this video, find out God’s plan for His supernatural provision for His people in this time…


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Part 26:  34 min 42 sec

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This is the 3RD video we have extracted – from the previous 9 hour teaching on the 7 layers of meaning and 7 prophetic fulfilments of Revelation Chapter 12.

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