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The Prophetic Importance of 2024 – A Vital Year of Preparation in the Book of Revelation Timeline

Video Series on the Coming New World Order of the Anti-Christ

As we are progressively studying the Book of Revelation – we are beginning to slowly get re-orientated to where we are on the Biblical timeclock, so that we can be given insight, wisdom and understanding – that will equip us to recognize where we are in Biblical prophecy, and like the sons of Issachar in 1 Chronicles 12 v 32 – discern the signs of the times we are presently in – and be educated and prepared for what is coming.

Although there is still trouble in the world at the moment, such as wars and rumors of wars, 2024 is set to be a generally good year over all. However, this is potentially the last good year, because life as we know it is about to radically change. In 2025, things in the world are likely to start turning dark, at accelerating speed, as the world is catapulted into the end times, in some of the final years of the Book of Revelation timeline. In 2025 we are likely to see the next global plan-demic (pandemic), resulting in mandatory vaccine passports, a global economic recession (another Great Depression)– and potentially at the end of 2025, we could see a major attack on America – the last free masonic orchestrated crisis needed to start bringing in the New World Order – especially the one world digital currency. This will also mark the beginning of an unprecedented global famine – both in terms of physical food as well as a famine of God’s Word.

This is why 2024 is a vital year, in the Biblical calendar to prepare! Joseph had the wisdom to prepare in the years of abundance, for the years of famine that he knew was ahead from Biblical prophecy. In the same way, during 2024 which is a time of relative abundance – we need to have the wisdom to fast and to prepare – for the hard times ahead.

This video, extracted from our study on Revelation chapter 12 – discusses how we can practically prepare both spiritually and physically – in all the ways you need to be, to be ready for the time ahead. But remember, 99% of the preparation is not so much preparing for the end times – as it is preparing for Him!

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