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The Time Line of the Book of Revelation

By Dr. MK Strydom 

The episodes of videos here lay a foundation by starting with explaining the timeline of the Book of Revelation – and in the process gives you an overall summary of the main key events that take place in the Book of Revelation… and then in later videos in the series on REVELATION OF THE BOOK OF REVELATION, when we explain each key Biblical end time event in more detail – we can keep coming back to the timeline – so that you can be orientated to see where it fits in, in the bigger picture of the story of the Book of Revelation and how everything falls into place.

Secondly, in the process of opening up the timeline of the Book of Revelation from Scripture – it reveals how extremely close we are to all the events prophesied in the book of Revelation actually literally taking place! Much, much sooner than I think many people realize!

Somewhere along the way through the course of history – the exact year we are in was lost. The Biblical calendar used by Hebrew scholars says that from the time of creation – in the year 2023 in the calendar we use, it is the year 5784…but it is also well known amongst Hebrew scholars that this is out by two hundred and something years – so that creates a very vague, non specific idea of where we are in history.

However, in the series of episodes in this teaching on the Timeline of the Book of Revelation, we are going to begin by unveiling the meaning of the 70 weeks prophecy of Daniel, and then add to that other pieces of the puzzle from prophecies given by Hosea, Jonah, Zechariah, Ezekiel and multiple other portions of Scripture that opens up the bigger picture even more – to the point where it actually re-orientates us with a much more accurate and closer idea as to where we are on the Biblical time clock.

Even though mankind lost track of where we are in the calendar through the centuries, the Bible gave us key events to look out for, that pin points where we are in the Biblical Calendar. And don’t worry, we are not going to be giving a specific date – the Bible says that no man knows that day or hour of Jesus’ return – but Scripture does say that those who are walking closely with Abba Father will know the season of His return… and so in the process of opening up the time line of the Book of Revelation, it is our hope that it will wake us up to how extremely close we are to the final 7 years if not, already in it! And therefore – emphasizing the point – that now is the time we better start paying attention to all that Abba Father has revealed to us in the book of Revelation – because we are literally just about to go through what is prophesied there!

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